RHOBH: Coke Wh*re!

On last night’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills there was a lot of awkward moments going on between the old housewives…and the new addition Brandi. I really don’t know what goes through this women’s head…either the producers are telling her to act a certain way…or she’s just really messed up. So last week we noticed 2 new additions to the Housewives group- Brandi and Dana.

This week, Dana decides to throw an extravagant game night party at her house…because she’s a renowned event planner…and has planned events like the Grammy’s. So Dana goes on and on about what her amazing plans are about her party…and I’m thinking it’s going to be an amazingly outrageous party!

By the way Dana’s the one who bragged last week about her $25,000 sunglasses.

The first housewife to show up at Dana’s is Kyle…and then soon after Brandi. Brandi and Kyle don’t get along…they had an awkward moment at Adrienne’s pool party last week. While Dana leaves the two alone…they’re just sitting at opposite ends drinking their drink. And then Camille shows up…along with Taylor…and then lastly Kim. The room that Dana’s holding everyone captive at first, is some random room with 2 chairs…a table with desserts and a bartender. That’s it. Where was the extravagant decorations…the outrageous party decor?? Dana kept telling the ladies this was just the ‘waiting room’ before all the guests arrived and they would make their way to the ‘main room’. Eventually they did…and the ‘main room’ consisted of 2 old couches and a table with some game cards on it.

Clearly Dana’s crazy…or she’s just a fake because she didn’t decorate sh*t…and it just makes her look like a fool. Anyways, Kim kept going into the bathroom because she was adjusting her makeup. Brandi kept noticing this and assumed Kim was doing drugs…she goes on to say she was a ‘model’ in Europe in the 90s and knows all about people using drugs. Calm down like you had a real job…because you were probably one of those girls that was in the bathroom doing lines. Brandi needs to find another ‘social circle’.

Ironically, Dana teams up Kim/Kyle/Brandi which makes for an even more awkward game time. The housewives have to start acting out things…and then their team has to obviously guess. Kim and Kyle kept asking things that were only relevant to themselves…like questions only they would know the answer to. Brandi was getting annoyed by this…because apparently she really wanted to play a game on game night! She freaks out randomly…and says how would she ever know the answer to such questions…but really nobody listens to her.

Finally, Kyle says she wants to do an IQ test…and calls up Brandi. Brandi responds by saying, ‘Okay, bitch’ in a ghetto way- except it didn’t really sound like she was joking. Kyle obviously sensed the tension…and got all defensive. Brandi started talking about how they kept leaving her out of the game…and how Kim kept going the bathroom (insinuating she was doing drugs) Kim and Kyle freak out…obviously Brandi has no right to say that…Taylor and Dana are scared as to what’s about to happen. Camille’s just happy the drama isn’t surrounding her anymore. So they basically shoot Brandi down…she’s not going to win against the two sister’s especially because everyone loves Kim and Kyle and nobody knows Brandi.Brandi, I guess you didn’t learn anything from Mean Girls.

And Lisa’s daughter Pandora and her boyfriend Jason get engaged. Yay!

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