Miss Entourage? Watch How To Make It

If you’re suffering from Entourage withdrawal and are anxiously waiting for the movie…try watching another HBO hit by Mark Wahlberg called How To Make It In America. It’s in the second season (started 2 weeks ago) and it’s definitely picking up real fast.

I guess I should explain what the show is about. It’s kind of like Entourage…but instead of the movie industry it’s the fashion industry. Two best friends (One Jewish,One Dominican) born and raised in NYC start their own clothing line called ‘Crisp’. It started off with a pair of denim jeans…and now they’re into hoodies and shirts. At the end of last season the boys set off to Japan to learn more about different fabrics and gain more experience. They sort of live a rockstar lifestyle while they were there (as shown in the season opener)…but once they return to NYC they realize they have to work really hard to build their empire. There’s a lot of competition…and the boys learn quickly that it’s not about what you design or how much you know- but more about who you know.

Yes…that’s Kid Cudi in the picture.


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