RHONJ: WAH! It’s Over!

So I just watched the season finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. I must admit I’m extremely sad over the fact that the season’s over…although it was a long one. Thanks to the folks at Bravo…we got to see the housewives in 20 episodes! The season definitely started off with a bang…(oh that baby Christening seemed so long ago)…and ended off the exact same way (minus the cheesy updates of the housewives). One thing I learned this season…Teresa Giudice is insane. Obviously, watching the season opener you’re still on Teresa’s side just because you’ve seen her on the show…and you have no idea who Melissa or her brother “Joe” are.

But damn, as soon as the season was coming to a close…I realized how crazy this woman is!! I think everyone loved Kathy…although in the beginning Teresa made it extremely hard to trust her. I mean us housewives fans- were loyal fans…we don’t just lose our trust in the regular housewives. I really believed Teresa when she called Kathy a b*tch…or when she said Kathy couldn’t cook. Then I realized, OMG if Caroline Manzo couldn’t be my mother…I would totally want Kathy to be mom. Teresa is crazy for hating on her own cousin…and honestly I saw Kathy cook WAY more often then I saw Teresa…so I don’t know where she came up with the idea of her own cook-book.

Jacqueline has always been one of my favourite’s, just because she’s so laid back and wants to see the good in people. However, she does have her nasty side as some of us saw through her Twitter war …definitely directed towards Teresa.

Although Teresa tried really hard all season to make peace between her brother and Melissa…it seemed like it was all for waste when they found out what she wrote in her cookbook. She made fun of mostly everyone…and then called herself Lucille Ball!!! Lady, you’ll never be a legend…don’t know where she got that from. Also, whoever told you, you could make fun of Caroline…and her kids…clearly never met Caroline.

Once Caroline found out what she wrote about her…calling her 116th Italian…and she’s as Italian as the Olive Garden all hell broke loose. Especially when she criticized Chris’ car wash idea with the half naked girls. Anyways, she just lost Caroline…which means the Godmother of Jersey wants Teresa to sleep with the fishes.

If they all come back next season- it’ll be interesting to see what friends Teresa has left.

Don’t forget to watch the Reunion Special with Andy Cohen next week!

P.S Why did Ashley legally change her name to Ashlee? I don’t understand why anyone would go through the trouble of changing one letter in their name!!

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