9O21O:The Walking Dead

Last night on 9O21O we find out that Alaska’s ex-husband who we thought was dead…is actually alive. Technically we found this out last week, but last night Liam and Alaska girl find out that he’s in fact alive and not dead.

When Liam and Alaska girl realize what’s going on…and that her ex-husband definitely still wants to be with her…Liam refuses to let her go but she doesn’t want to break her husband’s heart. Liam and the dude end up fighting each other…accidentally pushing pregnant Alaska girl over. They all end up in the hospital…and eventually hug it out. Liam agrees to give Alaska back to her Alaskan husband- where she belongs.

Dickson is clearly going to deal with some drug problems this season.

Naomi and Austin have a close encounter when they’re both caught trying to get back into Naomi’s house after being locked out. They end up taking off their clothes in the security truck (because it was hot)…Austin tells Naomi he really does have feelings for her…and right when they were about to kiss the doors open and we see Max with 2 security guards. Naomi confesses she slept with Austin before he showed up…but she doesn’t have feelings for him…Austin walks away with his head down…and Max forgives Naomi.

Annie has to take Navid’s rebellious/annoying kid sister with her to dinner (she’s an escort now)…and his sister quickly finds out what kind of ‘dinner date’ it really was. She promises not to tell anyone if she gets a cut of the action.

Navid and Silver break up because Silver finds the stash of the $100,000 Navid hid in their closet…(haven’t you ever heard of offshore banking accounts Navid?) Anyways, she tells him there must be another ‘legal’ way of making money…Navid says there isn’t so they break up.

Teddy finally makes an appearance…he’s joining the political movement under his uncle’s wing. His storyline was a little weird…and its obvious now that there really is no place for him in the show. Although I wish the writer’s would write something up for him!

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