The 4-Hour Kardashian Special!

The event of the century took place this past Sunday and Monday night. The Kardashian Fairytale wedding aired on two nights…two hours each…and I’m guessing made a whole lot of money for Ryan Seacrest, the E! Network…and obviously the Kardashians. I decided to watch both of them back to back…which unfortunately meant 4 hours of non-stop Kardashian drama. I swear by the end of it, I literally felt like I was part of the family. It was a good episode…as usual…there were enough fake story lines to consume 4 hours of television…and one of them concerned my future husband Rob Kardashian.

If you’ve been watching DWTS, you’ll know that he’s gained a few pounds…and he’s very self-conscious about this. In the episode, Khloe and Lamar pull a prank on Rob by installing an alarm system on their candy closet door. Of course, at the end of the night the alarm goes off and Rob’s sitting on the floor with a box of cookies. So cute.

Another big issue was Kris’ plastic surgery fiasco…to tell you the truth I didn’t even notice a difference afterwards. But, we do give props to Kris for allowing the cameras to film everything! And I mean everything! From the pre-surgery…to the actual surgery…to post-surgery the cameras were rolling. Kim being the favourite daughter came to Kris’ aid…and stood by her side throughout the operation. Later, the entire family throws a party for Kris, letting her know how much they love her.

Kris apparently his real name is Kristian…which would make more sense calling him that because otherwise he just has the same name as his mother-in-law. Anyways, as usual Kris was annoying and fake. I think I get what Kim sees in him…baby daddy! They’re babies are going to be some good lookin’ babies…and then if she wants she can divorce his a** because I’m sure she has a tightly sealed pre-nup. So Kris feels left out because Kim’s making all the decisions about the wedding. Hello! You’re a dude, you’re not supposed to have an opinion in your wedding…Kim’s been waiting for this moment since she was a little girl…and you were right…she probably can fill in any guy for your position so why are you making it difficult!?…and guess whose paying for the wedding! Definitely not Kristian and his family…so he needs to shut his pie hole…and just show up on the day of the wedding.

It was really stupid how 3 hours and 50minutes of the special was dedicated to everything before the actual wedding, and the last 10-minutes was the actual wedding. I would’ve wanted to see more of that, but the wedding was stunning. The ‘altar’ looked like an altar you would find in an Armenian church. Everything was beautifully decorated…and Mason was so cute! Robin Thicke performed afterwards…which is amazing…the cake was stunning…everything was just beautiful.

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