Vampire Diaries:Ghosts of Girlfriend’s Past

Last night was another new episode of Vampire Diaries. It wasn’t a crazy episode like we’ve seen this season…but it was decent. Jeremy’s back! (doesn’t he get hotter with each episode?) so he’s back…a long with his ghost of a girlfriend-except Vicky didn’t show up this time. Timing is everything, and for Jeremy he didn’t have much luck with that. When the girlfriend ghost shows up…she tells him she only appears when he thinks of her…just then his real girlfriend-Bonnie returns from wherever she went. Jeremy starts making out with Bonnie right in front of the ghost! Well, nobody else knows there’s a ghost except for Jeremy. See, when Bonnie brought him back to life last season, the witches said there would be consequences for altering nature’s destiny or whatever. And his consequence is seeing his dead ex-girlfriends. Yay!

Damon tries to kill Caroline’s father…cut it out Damon we know you’re not evil anymore. Anyway, Caroline saves him, he leaves town…right after he tells Caroline she’ll never be okay because she’s a vampire (ouch!) And then Caroline and Tyler get it on.

Everyone kept telling Elena she better be careful if she gets involved with Damon…people are starting to notice that they might be more than ‘just friends’. She denies the whole thing…obviously it’s going to happen next episode.

Stefan is still struggling to keep the secret of the necklace from Klaus. The necklace Klaus needs to contact the original witch…to explain to him why his ‘hbyrid plan’ didn’t work…is on Elena’s neck. Stefan gets away from Klaus and his weird sister…to talk with Gloria the ‘main’ witch. She then tortures him to get information out of him about the necklace. She basically sees inside his head/heart…that he’s still in love with someone…that someone has the necklace…and then right when she says she knows…Katherine kills her!!! Katherine came out of nowhere…well she was in the episode in the beginning…offering Stefan a helping hand…he refused…I guess she followed him and saved his life.

We’ll see what happens next week!


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