Jersey Shore:You Used To Be Cool Snooks

On last night’s Jersey Shore we saw a whole lot of fighting going on between Mike,JWOW, and Snooks. Like last week’s episode, Snooki was still being a debbie downer because her man Jionni left Italy after spending only 6 hours with her. It really isn’t like our normal Snooks to be such a downer on the gang…and be a complete b*tch to JWOW.

‘Rumours’ about Snooki and The Situation were still going around….especially when Mike made it known to the household what really happened. It’s obvious now, Snooki has been lying to us the entire time. I really think she did hook up with Mike, and this entire act of her getting mad is just a cover-up. Snooki got off the phone with Jionni…after telling him she needed a break. She then went into Vinny’s bed…and they smushed. Now, Snooki claims she doesn’t remember this (she had to ask Vinny what they did) That’s a complete lie…we’ve seen Snooki drunk…and she didn’t look that intoxicated that night. Even Vinny didn’t believe her. So they hook up, Snooki throws a wine bottle that almost hits Mike because he made up a lie that he called his best friend and told him to call Jionni and confess what Mike did with Snooki. Apparently, Mike never made that request…he was just playing a game to see who would rat him out first. And that was Sammy. Honestly Mike, you’re an idiot.

So the boys travel to Sicily to meet Vinny’s family…and the girls go to Tuscany for a wine tour. Bad idea, considering there’s a little tension between JWOW and Snooks. Snooks keeps trying to justify her actions with Vinny, and JWOW isn’t having it. She just tells Snooks to get ready for the drama…and face reality because Jionni will never forgive her. Snooks starts crying (it’s the wine)…runs away and their wine tour is officially ruined.

On the other hand, the boys have an amazing time eating what looks to be some yummy pasta and meatballs, and have some fun playing soccer (Mike you suck). They spend the night, and then blissfully pack up their bags and head home. No Drama.

Later, in Florence, Snooki apologizes to JWOW…they love each other once again. Snooki tells Jionni she cheated on him (no sex)…he forgives her…so they’re back together. THEN, Snooki asks Vinny what exactly happened…she ‘finds’ out that they did smush. Snooki is heartbroken…she now has to tell Jionni they did actually have sex…and he might not be okay with it.

Tune in next week!

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