9O21O: The Drama Unfolds

The drama unfolded on last night’s 9O21O- well not really. Nothing happened!! This season just keeps getting lamer and lamer…especially now that we know Alaska girl’s husband isn’t really dead. (Oops! Spoiler)

Anyways, like I said not much happened last night/ if something did happen it was really lame. For example, Max and Naomi getting back together? So Max shows up at the CU Beach Battle jam…and he confesses his love for Naomi…and tells her he never went to MIT but instead chose a school nearby so that he could be with her. Really writers? Really? In high school it all seemed cute…the geek falls in love with the queen B…but now it’s getting a little too old…and she has a hot cowboy to keep her cozy at night- why would she need Max? In the end, Naomi throws a party…and Austin (cowboy) starts making out with Noami…she pulls away and says ‘that isn’t who she is anymore’ and walks away. But, clearly she isn’t over Cowboy Boots just yet.

So Alaska girl and Liam are officially a couple now…Liam got over Annie so fast it’s a little hard to believe she was the one for him…so he said. Liam is having a little trouble getting his bar off the ground and making any sort of profit. Alaska girl decides to visit Alaska…see her lawyers about her husband’s life insurance. Adrianna runs into a creepy guy on the boardwalk who starts asking questions about Liam. (I thought he was the brother of the guy who died…but no…he’s the guy who died)

Annie writes a letter to the sorority for a $5000 grant…apparently she’s not rich anymore….they didn’t mention Marla’s will in this episode. And, in the end she resorts to the escort service. So, Annie is officially a hooker. Dickson gets addicted to his ADHD medication (he got the first pill from Austin) With all the pressures of recording…he needed something that helped him focus.

Navid gets caught up with his uncle’s illegal bussiness. He gets a ton of cash from his uncle…and Navid can see nothing but the green! We know how this story ends.

Ivy thinks Raj is getting better….but I know how these things work. As soon as you think he’s getting better…boom….he’s dead.

See? Nothing interesting really happened. So everyone should tune in on Thursday night to see the new episode of Vampire Diaries!


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