RHONJ: Joe’s ‘Tarzan’ Unleashed!

Apparently, there is still one more episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey. Except, I think the reunion special with Andy Cohen was taped last night. Anyways, the crazy Italians return from their vacation from the DR…and it seems like things are beginning to turn around after the falling out between Teresa and her cousin Kathy on the windy beaches of Punta Cana.

Unfortunately, we got to see a blurred out version of Joe Gorga’s southern regions. This guy has no shame! He doesn’t care if there are cameras around…he just wants to get it in with his wife…and doesn’t care who see his Tarzan. But, Melissa and Joe are the funniest couple…they definitely beat out Jacqueline and Chris. LOL

Anyways, Caroline’s boys throw a launch party for their new company black water. Melissa agrees to perform for the first time at the event. All goes well…Teresa and Kathy hug it out…it seems like everything has worked out. Just in time for the season finale!

My verdict for the season…Teresa definitely has some loose screws up there.

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