Vampire Diaries:Bye Bye Stefan

Last night was another episode of the Vampire Diaries. Apparently, ratings have been down since the season premiere-worse than ever! People need to start watching VD more…I’m guessing it has something to do with the fact that Stefan and Elena aren’t together. It was actually a really sad episode, once again Damon tells Elena he thinks Stefan’s in Chicago and that they should go and see him-bring him back home.

Caroline is being held captive by her own father….finally her boyfriend Tyler notices that she’s missing and tells Caroline’s mom.

So, Damon and Elena go to Chicago…Stefan and Klaus are already there…apparently reliving all their old memories together. (Stefan and Klaus used to be best friends) Once Damon and Elena arrive- Damon tells Elena to wait in Stefan’s old apartment while he’s out searching for clues as to where Stefan might be. Damon shows Elena the secret room Stefan made…that had all his victim’s names on the wall. She’s slowly realizing the kind of monster he really was. When Damon leaves…Klaus decides to take Stefan back to his old apartment. But Elena’s there! When she hears people coming up the stairs- she hides in the secret room.

Klaus goes to open the secret door…except he never looks inside…he just tells Stefan to go and look at what he’s done. Obviously, Stefan doesn’t remember ever writing anything in there…as he steps into the room he comes face to face with Elena!! In shock…they just stare at each other while Klaus is looking around the apartment talking. Stefan grabs an old bottle of scotch and tells Klaus he’s done with whatever was in that room. So they leave. But wow was that an amazing scene!!

The reason they’re in Chicago is because Klaus needs to find the original witch- who is the only one that can explain why his ‘hybrid mission’ failed. He has no idea that Elena is alive…and she’s the reason his plan isn’t working. Damon returns to Elena…she’s freaking out because she almost died…and he was actually mad at himself for leaving her in such a dangerous place.

Anyways, turns out Klaus had a sister who was in love with Stefan. They all hung out at a bar…(1920s-ish)…they fell in love…Klaus got a little jealous at first but he was still buddies with Stefan. One night the place got raided…except with wooden bullets. Quickly, Klaus grabs his sister and they run out to leave. Whoever was raiding the place was looking for Klaus AKA there’s someone out to kill him AKA that’s his weakness. He sees Stefan and basically erases all his memory so he never remembers meeting Klaus or the sister. The sister had a special necklace on her…but it dropped when she was whisked away…Stefan grabs the necklace (he’s given it to Elena). This was all a flashback.

So, in the present Damon/Elena arrive at the bar. Damon signals Stefan to come outside…while Damon distracts Klaus. Saddest scene ever. Stefan and Elena finally get to talk to each other. But it’s not what she expected. He basically tells her to leave him alone, he’ll never be the same again, it took him 30 years to recover from his evil ways last time- and obviously Elena doesn’t have 30 years to just wait around for Stefan. So sad. She’s in tears-he walks away…and this is the point where Elena gives up on Stefan. Make room for Damon!

(flashback) When they’re leaving…Klaus tells his sister to choose him or Stefan (she obviously chooses Stefan) and Klaus stabs her with the dagger killing her. Except it doesn’t really kill her…it just turns her into stone…until you pull the dagger out- then she’s alive again. (crazy) So he kills his sister…leaves her body in Chicago…and leaves. Now, he’s brought her back to life…he shows her Stefan…and then does his weird eye thing and lets Stefan remember everything again. They’re still in love with each other (sorry Elena)…and Klaus tells her he needs to find the original witch. However, the sister flips out when her special necklace is missing-that’s the one thing she needs to contact the original witch.

(flashback) To the scene where Stefan picks up the necklace that he eventually gives to Elena decades later. The camera pans out…and we actually see Katherine (she’s a vampire but I guess Stefan didn’t see her)…anyways she sees him picking up the necklace. So basically, she knows everything. In the final scene, we see Katherine take a cab…in Chicago. Great! She’s probably going to tell Klaus-Stefan knows where the necklace is. Or, I hope she’s good and she doesn’t rat Stefan out.

I hope.


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