Real World:San Diego

As I predicted the new season of the Real World was going down in sunny San Diego. I have to say, the SD house definitely trumps all Real World houses since RW:Cancun. Waking up next to the pool and ocean…def beats the Vegas strip. The house is great…but the cast not so much.

There’s Nate whose the funny one

Zach aka Thorn

Ashley whose the California girl (except she’s from the East Coast)

Alex whose so smart she goes to Stanford

Priscilla whose 19 (she’d be legal if the show was in Canada)

Sam whose the very, over-the-top lesbian

AND…the crazy one…


Why does there always have to be one crazy person in every RW. Damn those casting directors…they’re talented!! So Frank, is literally psychotic. He claims he’s bi-sexual…but towards the end of the episode…it looks as if that’s just a cover and he might be full on homosexual. Stuff goes down in the club, some girl calls him the ‘f’ word and he loses it. By the way, the entire episode he’s been trying to get at Alex (even though she has a boyfriend)…he tries to get her to say he’s cute…or that she might like him…all these things…when clearly she has no feelings for him…and just sees him as a friend.

In the end, he literally confronts her and says he likes her (he’s known her for 2 days)…and asks if she would she break up with her boyfriend…all these things…and because she’s so educated…she doesn’t even get angry…she just looks really confused. He flips out…and starts hitting sh*t! It’s like Adam Royer or Ryan from New Orleans all over again!

He literally storms off…kicking stuff…and when Alex follows him…he just admits that nobody sees him as a guy they would like… just a ‘friend’-clearly this dude has relationship issues.

Zach and Ashley make the hottest couple…yes hotter than Dustin&Heather. They’re definitely going to hook up.

It will be an interesting season just because they live beside the ocean and their pad is amazing. But….they could’ve chosen some more interesting/cool roomies.


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