90210:Baby Daddy Liam

On last night’s episode of 90210 we find out that Liam might be the new baby daddy of the show,Naomi joins a sorority, and Annie has dinner with a Turkish man. While Ivy is dealing with Raj’s cancer sickness, the rest of the cast is oblivious to this, and continue on with their regular day activities. Noami is still trying to get herself into a sorority…especially when she finds out she can’t attend the big party if she’s not a member. She decides to join a group that is basically the nerdy girls of the campus…they accept her as their leader…and she gives them all a makeover.

Liam is in love with the girl from Alaska…even though she looks like she’s 40. I really don’t get that whole storyline. To me, it seems like the writer’s took a page out of The O.C guidebook…Liam is the Beverly Hills version of Ryan Atwood. Girl from Alaska is pregnant, she decides to go back home, but then Liam confesses his love for her…even though he’s not the baby daddy he wants to be with her. I don’t get why Adrianna is working at his bar…but okay. Her character is pretty useless right now…it’s obvious that in a few episodes they’ll have Navid and her back together. Especially because Navid is in some shady business with his uncle…who is now blackmailing him! Damn, can’t trust those Persians. Once Navid realizes the kind of money he can be making with his shady uncle…Silver will leave him…most likely going back to Dickson…and then Navid and Adrianna will give it a go.

Also, Teddy has been missing from the show. Is he not on it anymore? I don’t get it.

So Annie is a part of the sorority that cheated out Naomi…and Naomi is using Annie to spy on things that are happening in the house. Apparently, Annie and Dickson no longer have parents. The dad left in Season 2…and now the mom is gone? Not sure if they specified where exactly the parents are. I guess they couldn’t afford Lori Loughlin in the budget. Anyways, Annie finds Liam with the girl from Alaksa-she’s devistated…although I don’t know why because clearly she rejected his proposal twice…and she was totally making out with the ‘college’ guy that turned out to be Marla’s grandson-who is now denying Annie of her inheritance. Crazy, I know.

Then Annie decides to go on some dinner date with her sorority sister…she meets a cute Turkish guy (ew)…and then kisses him in front of Liam to make him jealous (original). In the end, Liam confesses he doesn’t think they’re meant to be together anymore…but he still loves her. They’re finished. And then Annie finds out that the night was actually a job…as an escort!? Her sorority sister hands her a wad of cash…without knowing Annie is shocked and quite angry. But she needs the money so what the hell. Thanks sista!!

Dickson almost punches out Navid because he screwed him over for Justin Bieber. I know, it sounds confusing…but since Navid still owns the production sets from his father’s company…he gets contracts to host people’s music videos,etc. In this case, it was Justin Bieber, AKA an extra $20k for Navid. He re-scheduled Dickson’s producer guy, the guy got pissed-left town, and never showed up to hear Dickson’s talent on the 1s and 2s. (wah Dickson)

Then, Ivy almost gets into a bar fight with another biatch…that would’ve been funny…Silver and her have a heart-to-heart about dealing with family members having cancer. The End.

Teddy is still missing.

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