RHOBH:Where Was Paris?

Sunday’s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was fully loaded with a bunch of stuff. Kyle (Paris Hilton’s aunt) was throwing a charity party for kids with cancer. Unfortunately, Paris didn’t show up for her aunts jam…but she did give some of her perfume away for the silent auction. A lot of things are happening for our housewives…Adrienne has her Sacramento Kings…Lisa has Villa Blanca and is expanding SUR…Camille has her kids and Hawaii…Kim has  her bottle of scotch…Kyle has Mauricio…and Taylor has…an eating disorder. Well no she doens’t have a disorder…but dyam is she looking ever skinny!

And Lisa can’t stop worrying about Taylor. I wish I could tell Lisa instead of auctioning off Villa Blanca gift cards…she should just give them all to Taylor. Obviously, at Kyle’s party when Lisa brought up Taylor’s weight…Taylor just brushed it off..she doesn’t want to talk about anything concerning her marriage anymore. Especially because someone leaked information about her and Russell to the media…and Taylor suspects it to be Lisa. At this point…it’s no secret your marriage is a sham…and you clearly have weight issues…so who cares if the tabloids know or not?

Camille was shopping for surf boards and wet suits because she’s taking her kids to Hawaii. It seems like the divorce with Kelsey Grammar hasn’t put a hold on her spending habits. She’s enjoying the time she has with her kids…since she doesn’t have an old man to worry about.

The best part of this entire episode was during Kyle’s party…some tall blonde chic shows up with Adrienne. Her name is ‘Brandi’ and she’s on crutches. We find out Brandi was married to the sexiest man alive…  Eddie Cibrian. (picture below)

The only reason I know about him…is because my older cousins were literally obsessed with this guy. So, Brandi was married to him, they had two kids, and he cheated on her with Leann Rimes (who was also married at the time) RHOBH interviewed Brandi…and they let her sort of explain who she is…and where she came from. She said she was married to the biggest douchebag alive…Eddie Cibrian…and goes on to say he was an ‘actor’ she literally does the hand movement, as if to say he rarely acts in anything-and when he does he completely sucks. It was so funny, so amazing. I bet she wanted to get her anger out…and sort of spit on his name. Brilliant. Once the housewives had a lot to drink…and I mean a lot…you can just tell when they’re past the point of sober…to being tipsy…because they all crowd around and start laughing hysterically. Especially Taylor, because she never laughs. It’s like the alcohol allows their botoxed faces to expand and show some sort of emotion. They all start making fun of Brandi…because Brandi’s friends with Cedric…who is eternal enemies with Lisa.

So they hate on her, somehow she finds out they’re hating on her. She doesn’t really mind- since she’s a b*tch to. Yay!

The End.

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