DWTS:Robert AKA Chubs.

Last night was another episode of DWTS. Not going to say too much about what happened tonight-mainly because I was at work and it was hard to catch all the performances.

Obviously, I made it a point to watch my future husband-Rob Karadashian. He’s doing really well…except that he looks really chub now!! During rehearsals his moobs were like bouncing…and he looks bigger! Which is totally fine with me…because I would marry him regardless…and his performance was really fun! Vote for him.

Moving on, Kristin Cav did awesome as usual…but If I had to critique I’d say she definitely looked better than she performed. Something was missing. On the other hand, the random Chynna lady (don’t know who she is) did the best…the dance was hot…the music was perfect…and it was an amazing performance. Even though I have no idea who she is.

Chaz Bono was horrible. I really had high expectations for him, considering last week wasn’t so bad. But his knee injury definitely effected his performance this week. He’s my pick for the elimination tonight.

Other thoughts…Brooke cannot host for the life of her. Whenever she asks them a question…it doesn’t even look like she’s listening to their response…and when they cue her back in she doesn’t even acknowledge their answer she just moves on to the next topic. Next season…new hosts.


That is all.

One thought on “DWTS:Robert AKA Chubs.

  1. kingtrumpsace September 27, 2011 / 10:24 PM

    Did you see Nancy Grace’s nip slip? Bahahaha

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