Dirty Soap Premiere!

Sunday night was the Series Premiere of E!’s Dirty Soap. It’s basically a reality show…about soap opera stars. Personally, I loved it. It’s similar to any other reality show on E!, same format, same dramas, you get the point.

Some of my favourite Soap Opera stars are on it…like Luiz from Passions…Belle and Mimi from Days of Our Lives…Sam from GH…Chloe from Days of Our Lives…and Chloe’s real life boyfriend who I think originally came on to play Sean on Days…not sure what show he’s on now.

There’s definitely a lot of drama surrounding this cast-especially since all these soaps are now being cancelled. Some of them are broadcasting online rather than on air…it is a sad year for soap opera fans.

Kelly Monaco (Sam,GH) seems like a real bitch! She definitely has the diva-esque attitude going on…like she knows everything…and won’t take anybody’s sh*t. We still love her. Kirsten (Belle,Days) is on General Hospital now with Kelly, so they’re kind of like friends now. However, Kirsten and Farrah (Mimi,Days) are frenemies (which means they used to be best friends-but now they hate each other). Apparently, back in the Days, days…they used to be like sisters…but now they don’t talk to one another. Probably because both are jealous of each other. Who knows. People say Kirsten is a real you-know-what…and from the last episode…I’d rather be friends with Farrah and her two gay boyfriends.

Galen (Passions,Days) is married (boo)…and his wife hates the fact that he’s a soap star. She hates seeing him on tv kissing other girls…and she hates rehearsing his lines when he’s telling another women he loves her. That scene was actually really funny. He’s really cute…he’s definitely the center of attention on set, you can tell everyone loves him. Obviously, who wouldn’t he was Luiz!

Chloe…member her from Days? She was the emo teenage girl that always wore black…until someone discovered her beautiful singing voice-Philip fell in love with her…and she became a prostitute? I haven’t watched the show in years….but Chloe was always one of my favourites. I guess they decided to bring her back…she became a prostitute…only before they decided to take her off the show (no she didn’t die). Anyways, she’s living with her boyfriend of 5 years. He played Sean in Days of Our Lives for a while. He’s cute, they’re cute together, they seem like a really down-to-earth couple in the midst of this crazy Soap drama world.

Can’t wait to see what’s next for these crazy b*tches!

Until then, check out Ellen’s new “As The Tide Turns” soap opera…in light of all these cheesy shows being cancelled. It’s hilarious.


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