RHONJ: Trouble In Punta Cana?

If you don’t know what RHONJ stands for by now…then we have a problem. If you’re guilty pleasure is watching Bravo’s hit reality TV series The Real Housewives of The OC, Beverly Hills, New Jersey, New York, Miami, DC, and Atlanta, you definitely have something in common with Anderson Cooper. But, you also have something in common with Heroine Entertainment- because we love this ish.

Anyways, getting back to the events of last night…it was another new episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey. The gang- minus all the little kids…decide for a vacation in the beautiful Dominican Republic. Once again, they use their powerful advertising advantages to score themselves 3 beautiful villas at the Hard Rock in Punta Cana. (Kind of like the Kardashians in Bora Bora) This is why I would have my reality show. So the dysfunctional Italian clan…plus 1 crazy Arab pack up for their mid-winter vacation. In Jersey, everyone is nervous about the trip because of all the animosity between Joe Giudice and Joe Gorga.

Once in Punta Cana…everyone seemed to be suffering from something. Whether it was small bladders,migraines,body image issues, or the ever dreaded on vacation issue…menstrual pains, the crew brought a whole lot of drama from Jersey with them. One thing that didn’t arrive in the DR… was Teresa’s jewelery luggage, that she lost at the airport. Yikes!

The most awkward moment of the show was when everyone was sitting around the table…and Teresa comes walking out with her shiny gold bikini…and then you realize she’s actually modelling her bikini collection in front of these people who clearly don’t give a sh*t! Caroline was suffering from a migraine…Al was probably worried about the Brownstone…Chris always looks lost…Jacqueline was dying inside because she wished she had Teresa’s booty…and the kids were just anxious to see Melissa in a bikini. So crazy. Really people, you’re in a huge villa in the DR and all you can do is sit around a table and witness a bikini fashion show…with 1 model.

Then they finally decide to go on a day trip to a random destination that looked like an island. Things get heated when Kathy and Teresa start arguing over a comment Kathy made in the first episode. Teresa was angry that Kathy would insinuate she was a bad mother, bla bla bla…Teresa just makes things up in her head. She hears what she wants to hear. I’ve decided- she’s officially cray cray. Finally, superman Joe Giudice comes to the rescue and tells Teresa to shut up (classy)…they walk away…and that ended the fight for the time being. Greg proclaimed his love for Kathy and that she was a true ‘lady’ and I agree. If I didn’t love my mom so much…I’d choose Caroline Manzo as a mom…and if I couldn’t get her…I’d choose Kathy. Compliments all around.

Stay tuned next week is the continuation of Punta Cana.


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