RHOBH: Taylor’s Meltdown

This week’s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was a really sad one. These episodes just keep getting better and better. Not to say that I didn’t feel bad for Taylor and the rest of the housewives, but there was a ton of drama. The episode continued off from last week’s when the ladies arrived in Colorado. Camille has a mega-mansion on the mountain so they all decided to hit it up one last time before Camille sells the joint.

Anyways, Taylor basically has a nervous breakdown after her and Kyle have a serious conversation in the jacuzzi. After a few glasses of wine…and the ‘altitude’ the housewives conclude that Taylor is having a breakdown…and she needs help. Obviously, there are no doctors on the mountain, so instead the ladies resume their evening with a nice catered dinner. The drama doesn’t stop there, at the table Taylor keeps going on and on about her marriage, how she’s unhappy but that she still loves Russell. She tells Kim, she’s afraid of being poor again, she never wants to go back to that life, and she’s afraid if she gets a divorce, she’s going to be broke. I was actually really surprised how all the housewives reacted. It’s very rare to see them in such a down-to-earth kind of way. It wasn’t about how much money each one had, or who had the nicest outfit on…it was about these women coming together to help another housewife in her worst moment. You can really see how sincere they were…for once I can say…it was truly reality television!

Back in LA things go back to normal…(sort of). Camille gets ready to sell her HUGE estate in Malibu,Kyle continues to clean dog poop from her yard,Taylor gets back to seeing her therapist and working things out with Russell (we still haven’t seen him on camera in the season), Adrienne always looks busy…as she heads to Sacramento to watch the Kings play what could be there final basketball game. Since her family owns the team, and since the team needs money to build a new arena, they might have to move to another city to get that funding. (boring) Anyways, Adrienne had to beef up her security because there was bound to be some crazy basketball fans who are angry at the Maloof family. Kim fails to show up at the airport with Adrienne and Paul…she sounded completely bombed on the phone (as usual)


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