RHONJ: Why Are Kids Crying?

With all the drama surrounding the start of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, it’s easy to forget that another great season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey is coming to an end! There are only a few more episodes left of this season…which means we don’t get to see anymore text message fights between the two Guido Joes.

Although Teresa might think the war between her brother and husband is over…her daughter Gia doesn’t think so. At Milania’s 5th birthday party…older sister Gia writes a song for uncle Joe and her mom…but before she can sing she begins to cry! All the adults are shocked to hear the song is obviously about the family feud that has enveloped this entire season…and Caroline can’t help but feel sorry for the children. Seriously, if it wasn’t for this little woman with the boy haircut, I don’t know what any of these people would do. She is the glue that keeps everything and everyone together…if the Godfather were about a woman…it would be about Caroline Manzo. If Santa Claus were alive, he would get a divorce and marry Caroline Manzo…because she would get his work done!! If I was reborn…and had the choice to choose my mother…I would choose Caroline Manzo. (Sorry Mom)

Moving on…Joe and Melissa are definitely the coolest couple in the show…they head down to Hoboken,NJ to visit Albie/Chris/Greg who have their own apartment. After Melissa gets to show-off her hit new song ‘On Display’ they had over to the neighbourhood club…start popping bottles…and then get introduced to Joe’s ‘pal’ down under called “Tarzan”. He’s so crazy!

The entire cast tries to complete a 5k run…but most of them don’t even make it past the start line…yes I said start line. It’s an epic fail…but no worries because Joe Giudice brought sausages and wine! (It was 7am)

Next week’s episode takes the cast to beautiful Punta Cana…where it looks like the drama unfolds on the beach…with a couple of drinks in hand! What else would we expect??

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