The End of Entourage

Last night was the series finale of Entourage. Sadly, one of my favourite shows has officially ended, except not really because they’re going to come out with a movie very soon.

It was actually a really good episode, I was kind of worried because the season hasn’t been amazing…and I wasn’t sure what to make of the finale.

My money was on Vince and Sophia getting hitched, and I was right. As for Eric and Sloan…you really never know with them.

The end of the episode is really where everything goes down…Ari quits his job (expected) and finally mends things with his wife. He finally realized his family was more important than his job…and then after the credits they have a scene where Ari gets a huge job offer to be the new studio head…we don’t know what his decision will be. But for now, he’s enjoying his family.

Vince and Sophia decide to get married in Paris…during the day Vince is running around to get the ring…when he hears how messed up things have gotten between Eric and Sloan…he decides to fix the situation.

In the final scene, which takes place on the airport tarmac (whatever they call it). The plane is waiting for Vince and the family…when Vince stops Eric and points to another plane, we see Sloan waiting in the front. Eric heads to that plane with Sloan…the rest head to Paris for Vince’s wedding (including Ari and his wife)…and I guess we’ll see what happens in the movie!

I liked that they did answer some questions…like Ari and his wife, and the company…and Eric deciding he’ll move to NYC for Sloan and the baby…but they still left some things up in the air. Literally…because it ended with both planes taking off.

Awesome ending!

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