RHOBH: Suicide Episode

Last night was the season premiere of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. There was a lot of buzz surrounding this premiere because of the recent passing of one of the cast members. Taylor Armstrong- one of the housewives was in a middle of a divorce with husband Russell, when he committed suicide.

The episode started off with weird/sad music which isn’t normal for the opening sequence. They open with the present date, which in this case was August 29th,2011. The entire cast (minus Tyler) meets at Adrienne Maloof’s mega-mansion for a brief discussion about Russell. Bravo had finished taping the entire second season of Beverly Hills, when Russell committed suicide, therefore majority of the season Russell is still alive. They meet in the beginning of the episode to discuss their feelings/thoughts/concerns for Taylor and the kids. Then, the episode begins with a short message from Bravo saying that all the taping was done prior to Russell’s death. It’s definitely weird to see Taylor in a happy mood, because it’s easy to forget at that time- he was still alive.

Moving on, whatever happened with Cedric and Lisa? Last season Cedric was like Lisa’s adopted son, and apparently now they’ve had a huge falling out and no longer speak to one another. Most of the episode focuses on Adrienne and her husband Paul?…They look like each other don’t they? Must be all the plastic. Anyways, she decides to throw a lunch for the ladies…Lisa’s husband Ken tags along…guess the other husband’s have actual day jobs.

So during the planning of this lunch…Adrienne and Paul seem to argue quite a bit…and this leads into their awkwardness at the dinner table once the ladies have arrived. I’m sure it’s no big deal, it seems like Adrienne and her man are always at each others necks. I still love them, I think they’re hilarious.

I’m starting to like Camille more and more. Ever since the divorce with Kelsey Grammar (Frasier) I’ve felt sorry for her. I think the fact that she’s been his wife for I think 14 years, has his 2 children, granted her more respect then what she received from Kelsey. He basically ditched her for a younger girl the entire time he was in NYC…Camille had no idea. And she admits in the episode that her and Kelsey have no contact with one another, all their discussions have to go through lawyers. Yikes! She is annoying, but in the season premiere we see her packing up all her stuff (clothes,furniture) and getting them ready to donate to charity. Nice gesture.

Kyle and her sexy husband are in the midst of moving houses. Meanwhile Kyle and Kim (both sisters to Kathy Hilton…Paris Hilton’s mom) are still not over their argument from last season. But both are looking forward to reconciling with one another. Kyle can’t stop crying.

I loved Taylor’s dress at Adrienne’s lunch.

That’s it for now. xo

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