Rockstar Games: L.A Noire Review

L.A Noire shocked me.

I’ll admit, I was a little skeptical at first about this game, hearing from many different people that it wouldn’t be like anything Rockstar has created. Which in this case, wasn’t necessarily a good thing. I mean, there was never anything wrong with previous games by Rockstar. In fact, their games like GTA, and Red Dead Redemption won numerous awards for their gameplay,graphics, and writing. Why change anything?

Because what would Rockstar be if they never tried to exceed their competition, if they never thought outside the box, games like GTA would of never taken of. Well, maybe they would’ve but Rockstar definitely set the bar for open world games.

Speaking of the ‘open world’ games, a lot of people criticized L.A Noire because it wouldn’t be an open or free world like the other GTA games, this had me worried. I’ve played games that are very linear (Mafia II), and it gets really boring. Although the writing is amazing, the graphics are even better, it’s not fun playing a game that basically carries you from start to finish, and doesn’t let you roam around in the world.

This was not L.A Noire. I don’t play many games, but I am devoted to the Rockstar family, and I knew it was just a matter of time before I got a chance to test it out. L.A Noire is amazing. It is an adult game, not because it resembles Vice City (prostitutes,drugs,etc) but because it’s really well written, and the puzzles are damn hard!! You always need to be aware, pay attention for clues, and often refer to the clues discovered when interrogating a suspect. Which leads me to my next topic- MotionScan.

 “Every wrinkle,twitch,downward glance,grimace,and hard swallow is from an actor playing a part, not an animator manipulating things from behind the scenes. It’s a striking, sometimes unnerving effect certain to help push video games closer to true cinematic experiences.” -IGN

This alone made the experience of playing L.A Noire worthwhile, because it really allows the player to determine the outcome of the entire investigation. Along with many other gameplay actions, like looking for clues, manipulating an object (turning it around in your hand to see a specific angle),and even asking your partner for clues/hints.

If you just keep playing the missions, yes it does become linear, but you do have the opportunity to roam around the world (by the way the map is HUGE), and there are side missions that increase your rank…but it doesn’t compare to the amount of side games Vice City had.

Just go try it. I don’t know what else to say.

Oh, and it definitely is a game that after you’ve beaten it, you’ll want to play it all over again.

Click here to read the review from IGN.

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