Keeping Up…Wedding Proposal!

WTF!? Do they really expect us to believe that proposal scene???

First of all, the sound effects of Kim’s heels against the floor were totally fake and dramatized. Nice try though.

Second, after they got into that fight about their financial state…did they ever makeup? I never saw the resolution…I guess he pushed it aside before Kim could lose any interest in him. Can’t let her slip away Kris!!

Third, Kim didn’t even look surprised…I mean if you really waited for this moment since you were 10 years old…wouldn’t you freak out, start screaming, or start crying? No wait, she did all that when she lost her $75,000 earring in Bora Bora. Maybe her heart isn’t into it as much as she thought.

The funniest moment was when they walked into the family dinner, and everyone starting asking about the ring. Nobody believed them, nobody had any idea as to what was going on…as if the truth would seem so crazy and impossible. This episode sealed the deal for me, he is a complete fame-whore, there is no reason why a 25-yr old NBA player (if you can call him that) would be in such a rush to get married. To quote my friend, “I think he proposed before he f*cked it up and they break up” Well said.

As for her, she couldn’t look like a more superficial spoiled brat…and if it wasn’t for her normal sisters, and my soon-to-be husband brother, I would never watch their shows. And Mason…and maybe Bruce (pre-diamond studded)

The wedding special is in October.

For everyone’s sake, lets hope Kris moves out of his ‘college dorm’ apartment…so that Kim can walk in-and-out of their home without the hassle of adoring College fans.


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