Jersey Shore…The Fight

So last night was another episode of our beloved Jersey Shore in Italy. This episode was much anticipated for a lot of people because it was the episode where Ronnie and Mike get into a “fight”. If you can even call it a fight. The episode starts off with last week’s episode ending…and then leads us into Mike going crazy in their bedroom…all of a sudden he runs himself into the concrete wall and we see him sort of bash his head against it. He falls back…and there’s this weird look in his eyes like he’s just been knocked out by the wall. Probably because he has. Before the fight even started he knocked himself out!!

The cast immediately attends to Mike because he doesn’t look good- but the arguing doesn’t stop there. Because Ronnie was inside the bathroom at the time when Mike hurt himself, he didn’t know what was going on when he stepped back into the bedroom. He kept fighting with Mike…they tried swinging at each other, but the house security guys came rushing in and broke it up.

Let me say one thing. During this entire fight…all you can hear is screaming from the guys….and Sammi “Sweetheart’s” whining cry for Ron to stop fighting. At that point, I’m surprised nobody else knocked out Sammi.

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