Jersey Jersey Shore!











Last night was a crazy episode of Jersey Shore!!! Well, not really but I really hoped it would be since all the commercials showed Ronnie and Mike fighting. I made sure I saw last night’s episode in hopes of seeing the much anticipated fight of the season between short and stumpy Ronnie- and Popeye Mike “The Situation”.

TMZ reported months back that there had been a Jersey Shore house brawl…because of all the paparazzi pictures of Mike with a bruised up face.

Ofcourse, as always MTV prolonged the argument until the end of the episode…so make sure you stay tuned in to next week for the rest of the fight. Or, just check on here I’ll have the video up for you guys.

Moving on to more exciting Jersey Shore news…



Yeah…there’s really nothing else. It was a really boring episode (minus the fight at the end) Snooki and Deena finally go to work at the pizzeria, they get bored, buy some wine and secretly drink it in the bathroom. Really, that was the only funny moment of the entire episode. I really can’t remember anything else. Pauly and Vinny were acting stupid by throwing Deena’s bed outside their room…Ron and Sam are boring as usual (Sam got jealous at Ron once again- here we go) And for some reason Jenni JWOW or “Pow-Wow” as my mother calls her…is not only trying to keep her body in shape BUT she’s also the peacekeeper of the household! Yay!

Check out my video between Ron and Mike.

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