The Challenge: Rivals UPDATE!!

This week was the second to last episode of MTV’s The Challenge Rivals. Probably the saddest episode of the season, we had to watch CT and Adam leave the game once Johnny and Tyler beat them in the Jungle. With only seconds separating the two teams, Johnny pulled it off and earned his team’s spot in the shows finale (for the money).

The episode finished off with the beginning of the final challenge, the girl teams were able to begin the race before the guys, most likely because if they started at the same time the girls would’ve taken twice as long to finish. Jenn and Mandi start off horribly, they couldn’t even get their kayak to do anything but circles in the water. Yikes!

Next week, we’ll see who wins it all, with one girl and one guy team crossing the finish line.

My Bet: For the girls…Evelyn&Paula and for the guys Johnny&Tyler


Here’s a look at whose left.

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