Jersey Shore!!! Merrrp

Last night was another episode of the Jersey Shore in Italy. The episode was definitely interesting…there was a lot of ‘twinning’ and robbery going on with the roommates. One thing that is definitely standing out this season…is Deena a.k.a ‘Meatbwwol’. She’s doing her own thing, having tons of fun…and stealing Mike’s girls?

While Mike was ‘twinning’…Deena had her eye on one twin…and at the end of the night, got it in with her. Well…sort of, after a full girl-on-girl makeout session Deena instructed the twin to head on over to Vinny’s bed and finish the deed (since she was too creeped out to go any futher). While this craziness was happening in one room, Ronnie decides to tell JWOW the rumours Mike was spreading about him and Snooki hooking up.

JWOW tells Snooki…Snooki freaks out and confronts Mike…Mike stands by his story that him and Snooki hooked up 2 months ago…Snooki calls him crazy…these people are crazy! And to top it all off….Ron and Sam are back together. They should just end the season now.

Next week looks like it’s going to be a good episode. It might be the one where Ronnie knocks out Mike after a huge argument. We’ll see what happens.

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