MTV’s The Challenge:Rivals

This week was the third episode of this season’s The Challenge Rivals. Once again, my favourite team from the guys CT and Adam won the Challenge, however it was the girls that were up for elimination this week.

Laurel and CaraMaria were DQed in the Challenge which forced them to go into the jungle. The rest of the cast voted for Camille and Theresa to join them. The final game was almost like a puzzle…but it required a lot of running around. Anyways, the team that won was Laurel and CaraMaria so we’ll be seeing them next week. Not that crazy about those two girls…I hope Paula can somehow get Laurel out of the game soon!

As for the guys…MikeMike from Real World Las Vegas was hurt bad on this week’s Challenge, when LeeRoy landed on him in the water. He’s fine…and we’ll be seeing those two next week as well. And crazy Wes was last seen plotting CT’s takedown, although that might be kind of hard since CT and Adam keep winning the challenges, excluding them from the elimination round.

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Here’s a look at whose still left.

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