Real Housewives of New Jersey

I can officially say I’m all caught up with Season 3 of Bravo’s Real Housewives of New Jersey. I’ve heard from some people its been a crazy season, so I decided to watch it for myself. I must say, its been my favourite season so far…especially with the opening episode. Fights at a Christening? Too much…just too much. I think for once, in all these shows the feud between Theresa and her brother Joe Gorga was actually real, and kind of fun to watch.

The last episode was “Theresa’s Got a Gun” where her and Joe, Jacqueline&Chris…and some others head to Joe’s parents cabin in the mountains. Out of all the episode’s from season 3, by far the most boring one. Nothing really happened, everyone was sort of just discussing what Theresa and her brother Joe had discussed during their meeting. (They sort of made up) And then she made up with her sister-in-law Melissa (sort of)

Anyways, nobody really knows why Theresa and her brother started fighting with one another. In the show…Theresa blames Joe’s wife Melissa…but Joe blames Theresa’s husband also named Joe. Both Joe’s work in the ‘construction’ business…which means they’re probably in the mob. They both have tons of money…well Theresa did, up until they filed for bankruptcy. I’m assuming their feud had something to do with business/money/Italian egos. Whatever may be the case, their a cute family, and they should end their beef so their children can be amazing cousins to each other.

Caroline is still doing what she does best…acting as the ‘godmother’ to everyone. I swear, everyone goes to this women for their problems, it’s no surprise she’d get her own radio talk show! I love her.

The new housewife…other than Melissa (far right in picture) is Kathy (the one in pink). She’s Theresa’s first cousin…therefore she’s involved in the family drama as well. But, she sides more with Melissa and Joe Gorga than Theresa. I guess Theresa and Kathy had a falling out as well. Seems like Theresa can’t get along with anyone! Anyways, I like Kathy, I love her husband Rich (he’s Lebanese)…and Kathy can cook!

Jacqueline is still the same laid back mommy, I always loved her, she’s always been the peacekeeper within the show..and I think she’s one of the ‘normal’ ones.

Until next time. xo

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