Bravo’s Real Houswives of BH

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m completely addicted to Bravo’s The Real Housewives. The other night I was watching one of the last episode’s of the Beverley Hills season.

 Hands down, this season wins overall for the most drama, the richest bitches, and the swankiest parties. So first off, Kyle (who is sister’s with Kathy Hilton aka Paris Hilton’s mom) is one of my favourites this season. Compared to the rest, she seems somewhat normal, it seems like her main focus is her kids. Plus, her husband is smoking hot.

 Really, anyone that can hold a man like that in Hollywood must be doing something right! Kyle’s daughter is graduating from what I assume either UCLA or USC. Whatever the case, props to her for getting an education. Unfortunately, for Kyle and for viewers we weren’t so lucky to see Kyle’s famous niece make a cameo on the episode. Paris and the family were invited to the graduation, but instead were in Cannes for some other shindig. Still, they sent flowers and a card with a generous amount of money inside. (I’d rather have the money right?)

Moving on to more interesting topics in the BH…one of the housewives-Camille is married to Kelsey Grammar (Frasier). So, throughout the entire season he hasn’t been on the show because he’s been in NYC working on Broadway. Well, lucky for us in this episode we see a glimpse of Kelsey because he invites Camille to New York for the Tony Awards.  Funny thing is, a few days before that Kelsey called Camille and told her he wouldn’t be returning home…aka he found someone else in NYC.

But, of course rumours would be circling if he didn’t show up with his beloved, so he flew her out, put her in a HOTEL…not his condo because obviously there’s something there he doesn’t want Camille to see. Frasier is a douche.

I didn’t like Camille, and I’m sure she has some mental issues to deal with, but you could really see how hurt she was with everything. She couldn’t hide it while the cameras were rolling. He on the other hand, seems like he’s already moved on and doesn’t give a ****.

By far, most dramatic season yet. The Miami Season is like an episode of Golden Girls compared to the Beverly Hills Housewives.


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