Welcome To The Good Life: Thompson Hotels

It doesn’t matter where you’ve heard it, point is we’ve all heard from someone about this swanky line of Hotel Chains. (And I’m not talking about the Hilton)

I’m sure a bunch of you have seen one of their hotels in E!’s Kourtney and Kim Take New York…because in the beginning of every episode, we see a  “Smyth Tribeca” sign otherwise known as where Kim stayed whilst in NYC.

Word around Toronto was, The Thompson hotel is the place to be and be seen. So, where else would I throw my birthday party at? Duh! The Thompson Toronto. But honestly…look at this place…its stunning…its sexy who wouldn’t want to spend a night here,with their friends on the rooftop of The Thompson.

Unfortunately, none of us had enough moolah to cover the (insert amount of money here) fees…so we opted for the Lobby Lounge (stunning) and then moved downstairs to the club and danced the night away. The club had an amazing atmosphere, the crowd was classy but still age appropriate for us, and most importantly, the bathrooms were well kept and very inviting.

Thompson Hotels also owns one of the most historical buildings in Los Angeles, also one of the hottest spots for celebrities…The Roosevelt Hotel.

I got a chance to sit in the lobby of The Roosevelt…it was beautiful. You can feel the history surrounding you…and that was only in the front lobby! Again, wasn’t so lucky to have a nice long relaxing stay in what I’m sure is a gorgeous room. Maybe next time!

Can’t wait to visit again very soon…

Check out their next and first international project called…The Thompson Seoul.

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