The Challenge: Rivals Episode I

The MOST anticipated event of my summer…well before Jersey Shore Season 4 starts. Last night was the premiere of MTV’s The Challenge:Rivals and it was insane! There were so many viewers live tweeting as we were watching the episode, something I’ve never experienced before. Let me tell you, it was very entertaining…it was awesome to hear other people’s opinions and perspectives.

Yes, I get it, it’s only a show but really this only happens what twice a year? This sh*t is crazy…and last night’s episode only proved that even more.

So, starting off with the cast CT and Adam…CT is so sexy he’s my favourite. The latest Real World Las Vegas crew is in it this time…LeeRoy and Adam R (ugh)…SPOILER ALERT…Adam gets kicked off! Well, not really a spoiler if you watched the Vegas season. Kid’s a loose cannon, we knew he would get kicked off…didn’t think it would happen so soon. Anyways, MikeMike gets a call from the MTV crew, since they needed a replacement for Adam R so yay!

CT and the blonde girl, Mandi? I need to get all the names down. Anyways, they’re probably my first pick for hookups this season. As for the other girls, the’yre mostly girls from previous seasons. Not too much fresh meat, except for the two crazies from Real World Cancun.

I’m excited to see Wes/Kenny work together, hopefully longtime winner Kenny can bring a championship to Wes who has been in these Challenges so many times, but has never won anything. P.S They HATE eachother.

Obviously, I love fellow Canadian Evan…I hope he gets far (which he usually does). But honestly, starting off with the first challenge…both rookies from the girls and guys ended up winning first place. It’s a good sign for the newbies!

And finally, since my favourite season of The Real World New Orleans wasn’t chosen at all to be on The Rivals…I’m rooting for MikeMike and LeeRoy…unstoppable teams brains/body.

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