A Sunday Story: Sunset BLVD

Probably in my top 3 of greatest films…just because it was shot in LA and Billy Wilder is nice to look at for two hours. But seriously, another Hollywood classic, love this film, it has all the ingredients for an amazing film.

I saw this film for the first time in my Screenwriting class, and my teacher was explaining how this story had all the elements of an amazing screenplay. It grabs the attention of the audience right from the beginning. The opening sequence with the main character William Holden lying dead in the pool, and police sirens going off is just amazing. Watching that opening scene, I knew I had recognized it from other shows or films that must have imitated the original.

I won’t go into detail with the entire summary because this story has so many minor storylines it would take a whole lot of blogging. But the plot goes something like this…A once famous screenwriter, down on his luck, finds an abandoned mansion, realizes it’s not so abandoned, begins to write a screenplay for a former silent-film star who has faded into Hollywood obscurity. He quickly realizes shes crazy, but she wins him over by buying him expensive clothes, and treating him to a lifestyle of fame and fortune. When he decides to pack up, leave LA and head back home she stops him on his way out…and I won’t ruin the ending.

I love it.

For me what I love most about this film is the look of it. It’s old Hollywood which I love, I love seeing the palm trees, and the vintage cars, and especially Mr. Holden looking mighty fine in his three-piece suits.

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