Joisy Shore Asking For More $$$

TMZ is reporting that MTV is in negotiation for yet another season of Jersey Shore which will be in Seaside Heights, once again. The issue…money money money! The cast is asking for a slight increase in pay…and their lawyers have forced MTV to print up new papers. Apparently, MTV wanted to pay them the same thing they’re getting for the season in Italy. But, obviously our favourite guidos and guidettes need their moolah to keep up with their GTL! Yes, you can make fun of me for using all these terms, but the truth is I miss my Italians. The cast is scheduled to return from Italy on July 23rd…and the 5th Season of JS will begin taping July 25th!

The cast has been out of the media (somewhat) for a while…and I’m sure MTV and 495 Productions wants the media spotlight back on the Jersey Shore cast. Why not have two back-to-back seasons ready to go!

Yeahhhh Budddy!!

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