The Challenge:Rivals

Last night was the final episode of The Real World Las Vegas crew in “The Shit They Should’ve Shown”. I wasn’t too crazy about this season, and that’s why I’m ready for the next season of The Challenge. Although the cast in the new season looks as crazy as always, they’re missing my favourite cast from New Orleans!! Which is kind of weird because they have LeRoy and Adam from the latest season in Vegas, but nobody from Orleans. I’m assuming nobody really hated each other that much in New Orleans to be casted for The Challenge.

Predictions…probably Johnny Bananas,Kenny,Evan will take home the money again (they always do). But, I think I’m going for Paula or Evan, Paula’s always on these challenges I want her to win and Evan I love because he’s Canadian. I think he’s the only Canadian that ever made it to these real world/road rules challenges on MTV. Oh, and expect CJ to get in a fight and sent home all in the first episode…we’ve seen that before!

Season starts June 22nd on MTV.Check out the trailer.

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