Summer Book: Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me

Let me just say one thing…if you want a summer book to read that will make you laugh…you need to read this book by Chelsea Handler’s friend’s and family. First off, I think you should read all her books because she’s hilarious, and if you’re tired of reading sad/random books then yes go get “Are you there Vodka, it’s me Chelsea” or how about “My Horizontal Life” also by Chelsea Handler. LOL she’s amazing, next time I’m in LA I’m definitely getting into her show Chelsea Lately.

So the book is written by her family and friend’s as they reminisce about all the different lies Chelsea Handler has told them over the years. She clearly has a talent for lying, and messing with people’s lives. Although some people might have a problem with the way she makes jokes, or the way she laughs at other’s peoples expense, she’s still an amazing boss and she has a really big heart. Well I wouldn’t know, I’m just repeating what all her employees say about her, and let me tell you she’s done some crazy things to them. But, I guess trips to Cabo make up for all those nasty times.

Anyways, it’s all inside the book! So go read it!!



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