Real World: Las Vegas

This week’s episode of the Real World: Las Vegas had a jam-packed amount of tear-jerking moments. We finally find out what happened to Nany’s father, and we get to see Mike Mike spend a few days with his biological mother.

On the other hand, crazy psycho Adam returns to Las Vegas…not The Hard Rock Hotel (since he got kicked out)…and embarasses himself once again (no surprise)

So we find out Nany’s father whom she’s never met, and has been wanting to find him since she was 14…is dead. We find out through a private investigator that her father had passed away in 2002…but to Nany’s surprise she had a younger sister and brother who she never knew about. It was a cute episode, a little boring but I’m proud to say Nany has come a long… long way since the first episode aired. Speaking of Nany’s problems…Adam returns to Vegas to spend some time with Nany (who is apparently his ‘girlfriend’ according to him). They hook up…go out the next night and what a surprise Adam is completely wasted…makes a fool out of himself…but didn’t break anything/get thrown out of the club so to him he was only tipsy.

This guy is crazy…finally the second last episode of the Real World: Las Vegas Nany realizes it…and she can’t wait for Adam to get out of Vegas and her life. (yay)

MikeMike spends some quality time with his mother who is a recovering addict/battling cancer or is in remission (not too sure). Anyways, MikeMike realizes he’s lucky to have his mom, although she’s put him through a lot, his situation could be worse (like Nany’s).

Dustin loves Heather. And hopefully, next episode RoyLee and Naomi finally tie the knot! (hopefully)


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