Real World: Goes to Cancun!!

This week’s episode of The Real World was highly anticipated, by myself, and twitter followers, but I was sort of dissapointed with the episode. I think they’re really trying to find juicy drama to show, and all they’re finding is Dustin gay porn, and Mike Mike hating on Dustin. Is it just me or are these 2 really boring? Like I said, I love Mike Mike but when he starts hating on Dustin, and calling him out for everything it’s really annoying. First of all, when Mike mentioned that Dustin probably shouldn’t go to the Elementary School because of his past, it was really uncalled for. He knew how mad Dustin was going to get, not only mad but hurt as well. He’s not a monster, he did something in his past, it doesn’t make him a pedophile, or make him a danger to the kids.

It just didn’t make sense, and I wasn’t impressed by Mike Mike. Especially when, he tried to defend himself when the house got mad at him. He just had to admit he was wrong in this case, and no matter how much he hates Dustin, there’s no point in calling him out on everything he does. I think, in a way Mike Mike is jealous of Dustin, maybe because he thinks Dustin shouldn’t deserve all the attention he’s still getting from Heather, or from whoever. Maybe, he’s just jealous Dustin is hotter than him? Who knows.

It was cool to see the Real World Cancun Suite, I remember watching that season. It was an awesome season, and they were so so lucky to have stayed in such an amazing and beautiful suite. Not to mention, the views their suite had. Stunning!

Anyways, back to this season, I expected more drama from everyone, especially Naomi and RoyLee! They need to get together already. Nany needs to find her father, hopefully he doesn’t ignore her (sad) and as for Cookie I really really don’t know where she came from, I thought she would bring more drama, but no she really hasn’t. I kind of wish Adam never left. So my next question is…whens The Challenge start?


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