90210: Season Finale

One word to describe the Season Finale of 90210? LAME.

I made myself watch it last night, and I’ll admit I wasn’t excited from the get go. One of my friend’s had told me the finale was really uneventful and boring. It was like watching an episode out of The O.C (not because it was boring, but because they literally copied the story). And trust me, I would know, biggest O.C fan right here!

Ivy and Raj are very cute, I liked the Indian wedding, even though we know in Season 4 he’s going to die. And then Ivy and Dickson will fall in love again.

In the end when Naomi tells Max shes pregnant, I don’t know why, but I got the feeling she’s lying to keep Max in Los Angeles, and not go away for school. Hmm, sounds like something Naomi would do.

AND…my favourite character Adrianna (sarcasm) almost killed herself!! Sorry, but I was kinda hoping she would just walk off that cliff…just like Johnny did in The O.C…member that? I don’t see her character going anywhere, especially now that everyone knows she’s a loony (not that she wasn’t before) But I’ll admit, I liked her and Naveed more than Naveed and Silver.

Okay, moving on to the world’s most boring couple Annie and Liam. Is it just me or was Liam way sexier when he was brooding and all angry? He’s so boring now! He does nothing, he agrees with Annie on everything, they have no drama, and his stupid haircut is really ugly. So, in the beginning, oh no I mean at the end of their school year, after they’ve both agreed on University in the fall, he tells her he doesn’t want to go to school, but instead take 9 months off and go sailing on some fishing boat. Oh, wait didn’t Seth do that in the Season Finale of the first season of The O.C? Yeah, I think so. And, he came back. Hopefully, Liam won’t.

As always, Teddy was just in the episode to look good, and that he did, as usual. I still don’t understand where his character is going. And Dickson, I love Dickson.

I think that’s it, I probably didn’t miss anything because nothing really happened. It was a really disappointing season finale, kind of like the Vampire Diaries one.

Guess we’ll see what happens next fall. I’ve already made my predictions.


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