MTV’S The Real World: It Really Is Real…

This is your Real World Update where we discuss/gossip about this week’s brand new episode of MTV’s The Real World.

For those of you who missed last week’s episode…Dustin dropped a huge bombshell on the house when we find out he was involved in gay porn when he was 18. Well Dustin doesn’t really drop the bombshell, we first hear it from Adam (the former roommate who got kicked out) telling Nany over the phone..and then Nany tells everyone..and then Heather finds out- she’s devistated obviously because she’s been dating Dustin from the minute he walked through the front doors of the Real World house. So with that, comes this week’s episode where the roommates (mostly Heather) are still trying to deal with Dustin’s secret past (gay porn)…and Naomi struggling with a possible STD/pregnancy (thanks for nothing LeeRoy).

First off, Dustin’s friends are HOT…and it literally took an entire 2 hours for his friend I think it was Jake? To hook up with the newest roommate Cooke. Having said that, Dustin is still trying to figure out/win back Heather…but Heather is too busy making out with Nany! Random…yes, clearly the champagne is to blame! So those 2 hook up…Dustin is somewhat confused/turned on by Heather’s hookup with Nany and he clearly is still in love with Heather but Heather can’t get over the fact he did gay porn…which really isn’t such a big deal considering the circumstances Dustin was in. The guy was 18! Living in the middle of nowhere…no job…nowhere else to go…his mom is a drug addict…I mean come on the kid just needed an escape from his life!

Naomi and LeeRoy should just get married because they’re perfect for each other. Out of everyone in the house they look the cutest together…and I love LeeRoy even more after this episode. SO Naomi thinks she has an STD…probably from LeeRoy because he gets around Vegas (who doesn’t) and occasionally has unprotected sex with Naomi (she’s ok with that). Then, she thinks she’s pregnant because she hasn’t gotten her here we go Naomi goes to a women’s clinic to find out her fate. In the end LeeRoy is understanding of their situation, and apologizes for not being supportive (love him) and Naomi waits for the results to come back in.

Finally, Dustin and Cooke romance? Probably…Until next time! xoxo

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