I needed to mention this…the Sony Ps3 Online Network is still down due to an intrusion into the network last week. I don’t think anyone really realized the consequences Sony is going to have to pay for this crazy debacle. Some sources are saying it’s going to cost Sony 1.5billion dollars to fix the issue…not to mention all the people who are dealing with fraud and having their credit cards stolen. Honestly, this is disgusting on Sony’s part for their system to be hacked like this…some people leave all their information on the servers so they can purchase games online. They convince the public their network is safe, people give out personal information and look what happens.

This is going to be a HUGE setback for Sony…as their network has been down for over a week now people can’t get online to play Call of Duty, or any other online game. All I have to say is they better be repaying us big time.

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