Dirty Jersey Goes to Florence,Italy

Yes…it’s my very first post and yes I am blogging about the jersey shore. For all you spray tan and techno music lovers the cast of the jersey shore will be arriving in Florence Italy on May 9th.  Here’s a sneak peek at the building the cast will be staying in for the taping of the next jersey shore.

Although we know the cast to be big big partiers…and smushers some sources say that the Mayor of Florence wrote down a list of rules the jersey shore cast needs to abide by during their time in Italy. Apparently, they can’t be seen drinking in public, being completely intoxicated in clubs (sorry Snooki) and I guess that means not peeing in the bars (JWOW). And be taped in the city’s historical public buildings.I guess we have to wait and see how this season is going to unfold.

As for my predictions/hopes…and I mean HOPE…that Ron and Sam do not rekindle their ever dysfunctional romance and end up ruining the entire season. In the meantime…check out some of my Jersey Shore videos.

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